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well [23 Dec 2004|10:42pm]
yea im bored im playing thps4 old school throw back i know haha but its all i got. anywasy yer gay im out.
g3tta die for your country that's shit.

rims real big. [16 Dec 2004|04:34pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

im done with nite school.... all i have to do is get done with regular school and im fucking done then i can chill at home all fuckign day and work and do other fun shit.

g9tta die for your country that's shit.

eh [03 Dec 2004|08:56am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i guess someone isnt enough...

i need to start hanging out with the girls again...

i miss monique sooooo much...

i need to see her in the immediate future...

i love you...

g5tta die for your country that's shit.

so [03 Dec 2004|08:46am]
yea my comp. is broken no updates for a long ass time...
that's shit.

fucked [22 Nov 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | angry ]

so im watching dateline or something and some idiotic prick decides to make a video game where on one level in order to beat it you have to assasinate kennedy while he drives by. thats fucked up. if i ever met the fuck who made it id beat his ass. and wtf he released it today on the death of him. thats fucked up. rip jfk. woah fucking update. their offering a prize to the person online who can most accurately recreate the shots. fuck that bastard.

g5tta die for your country that's shit.

bored [16 Nov 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well i got out of night school two hours early because of some fucking crazy ass rain. it sucks because before i left to school it didnt seem like it was going to rain so i decided to clean my 20's and then all of a sudden it started to rain. fucking rain. roofie hasnt called. and i dont know what else to write. bye.

g1tta die for your country that's shit.

its been a long fucking while [06 Nov 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well i decided to update this because i havent updated it in a long fucking while ha just like the title says. well nothing really interesting has been happening to me except the usual crap that always goes on with me. um every one says they miss roofie updating his livejournal with all the cool shit that he does. i think everyone should start a petition that says we want to ban myspace. thats for fags and strictly for fags. thats all. GOOD DAY SIR!

g11tta die for your country that's shit.

man [27 Oct 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well roofie got rid of his livejournal.... it seems like everyone is getting a myspace wtf everywhere i go hey you have a myspace or hey your on myspace. wtf. haha. anyways monique hasnt talked to me in a long ass time whats wrong ?

g4tta die for your country that's shit.

today [19 Oct 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well today was pretty boring i didnt do nothing except go to school and take some test, thn i left after it was over because i saw no reason to go to the rest of my classes because i was counted there but testing. im about to go ride my bike right now but no one is home. monique is cool thanks roofie.

g12tta die for your country that's shit.

last night [17 Oct 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well last night was beerzone. damn they put on a great show! i got hooked up with some free buttons and a cd and a shirt from the band. they did well. i hung out with the boys across the street drinking for a while before the show actually kicked off because it was moved back like 3 hours which sucked but it was fun no one gave anyone shit i think. i saw monique there she should stay here or come down more often.

g6tta die for your country that's shit.

cant wait [16 Oct 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

well tonight beerzone is playing with blood n beer. i promoted the show for beerzone thanks to all their help they sent posters and stuff so i posted those up. iain threw me on the guestlist and said he'll buy me a beer. all the way from the uk some of the best music ive heard is going to be going on tonight. supposably fights are going to break out between punks n skins but fuck it.

g2tta die for your country that's shit.

last nite [13 Oct 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

man last nite was one mother fucking crazy ass nite. some of the skins got into shit outside the club and came inside when the cops showed. and some scumbags inside the club like to have way to much fun with other peoples girls and shit so of course they get fucked up. i had roofie, santos and his girls, plus their friends and the borders friends too ten toes deep. on saturday whoever shows up its going to be the same way because im hearing all this noise about punks vs skins. wtf. i dont care. conflict was good.im out

that's shit.

wtf hippy bullshit [11 Oct 2004|10:41am]
[ mood | irritated ]

alrihgt so today at school is some gay ass national coming out day. what the fuck is that shit about? i thought hippies died out a long ass tiem ago. theres some down ass girl who is handing out stickers and pins that say IM STRAIGHT and of course you know damn well that im wearing one to show that i am straight bitches but then theres those hippiesthat are handing out and wearing those fucking rainbow flags. fucking hippies. im straight. im done.

g3tta die for your country that's shit.

i havent updated in forever [10 Oct 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | loved ]

this is my girlfriend. i forgot all about these pictures because i havent been on my computer in fucking forever. but here is a picture of the girl i am going to marry one day.

g13tta die for your country that's shit.

friday. [10 Oct 2004|01:32am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

well friday i met up with roofie and phil. we went to see the vibrators. they were great plus some band called the applicators (all girl band all fucking hot). great show. tuesday im seeing conflict. saturday is beerzone man its going to be fucking great, any ways anyone from san antonio going to conflict donate money to me. im not begging cuz i got pride im just asking.

that's shit.

what the fuck man [02 Oct 2004|09:09am]
[ mood | blank ]

this barbacoa is so mother fucking good right now, plus the big red. man at school it pissed me off because some negrita and he teacher were saying its dumb to say the p.o.a. and the texas pledge. wtf. how idiotic can they be for saying that dumb ass shit.

g1tta die for your country that's shit.

a loooong time eh [26 Sep 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

you&apos;re just a skinhead, no fancy labels
What Type of Skinhead are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

that's shit.

alright mother fuckers [30 Aug 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


AT:The Sanctuary
1818 N. Main

WHEN:Sat. October 16th

more bands tba
$10 all ages
doors 9pm

g2tta die for your country that's shit.

ill never date mickey again [27 Aug 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

man so tues. nite the virus / clit 45 played and i got fucking druk i drank like 4 mickeys and some shots of everclear plus some weed and i threw up the entire nite i didnt even get to go inside the club to see them ohhh well. man that sucked so much i hated it but i had fun at the same time. they said i was the only skin that went oh well. supposably i was feeling some girls leg and then counting another girls i's on her boots while i was druk while my g/f angrily watched i told her i was sorry hehe. oh well it wont happen again i swear haha. oh well im leaving now because i have a heini open so cheers you fuckers

g9tta die for your country that's shit.

dont talk [22 Aug 2004|02:19am]
[ mood | drunk ]

alright so i called into work and i went to go welcome roofie into san anto. i greeted him with a guinness draught. are you here to help? haha? roof told me that the lady that worked there said that he had to take down the american flag from the window because others might get affended. wtf they live in america. dumb bithces. then we went to go pick up his friends and i had bought two 6 packs from the store. i then picked up cecily from her house along with her friend. we went to some church... there was supposed to be a free show and there was but it turned into drama. some sharp said he didnt like arabs or some dumb shit and roofie is part or what he said and we were drinking and he got pissed and yea he left with his buds and i split with the girls cuz i didnt want to be around shit talkers. any who went to cecily's house and yea now im here. bye. oh yea dont talk shit.

g2tta die for your country that's shit.

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